Talent management 'may help with staff retention'Talent management could help companies to hold on to their more skilled employees, one expert has suggested.

Associate director for the Work Foundation Stephen Overell said there is "good evidence" many staff members are unsatisfied they are being underutilised in their current roles.

"These days, something like 30 per cent of all workers say that they are overqualified for the kind of work that they are asked to do," he explained.

According to Mr Overell, a lack of proper training for different types of personnel is a "perennial problem" in Britain, with businesses and the government not spending enough money in this area.

Organisations that fail to implement a good talent management strategy could risk their employees looking for new jobs, he claimed.

His comments followed a survey published last month by chrysaliscourses.co.uk that found one-third of people feel ‘completely unappreciated’, with a further 63 per cent wanting to change their careers altogether.

By Hayley Edwards