Increase in people looking for new jobs may affect HR strategy and practicePeople involved in HR strategy and practice are learning that more people are seeking new roles or looking to switch jobs altogether, according to research.

Data from revealed that there has been a notable rise in the number of individuals interested in new positions.

Lisette Howlett, spokesperson for the company suggested that this may be attributable to the recession, with companies finishing redundancy programmes and cost reduction, as well as an increase in vacancies.

Ms Howlett admitted that candidates who possessed relative work experience, as well as a good CV and personal statement, may stand out from the crowd, as the number of applicants per jobs has also increased.

She added that people were considering a change of career because they are more confident in the jobs market and the current economic climate, whereas many held on to positions during the downturn.

This follows accounting firm KPMG announcing that it was to increase its number of graduate placements available, after already pledging to increase the total number of vacancies to jobseekers, according to its head of people in the UK.

By Ross George