The snow could be causing problems for HR staffWith snow now covering much of the UK and the freezing temperatures set to continue until mid-January, according to the Met Office, HR staff could have an absence management problem on their hands.

As a result, one sector commentator has said some people would “obviously” use the snow as an excuse to stay at home and extend their Christmas break.

However, David Price, of employment law firm Peninsula warned employers not to discipline members of their workforce who do not come in as a result of the snow and ice, but instead to become more flexible.

In an interview with the Guardian, he said: “Look at the possibility of an earlier finish or alternative methods of getting people home, especially for those staff that use public transport. Where possible, companies should also look at the possibility of allowing staff to work from home.”

It has been estimated by FirstCare, the cold snap is likely to cost UK businesses some £0.5 billion every day as they attempt to cope with wide-spread absenteeism.

Indeed, absence rates among the UK workforce are thought to now be as high as 14 per cent.