Brits use fake excuses to miss workLast year, more than a quarter of UK employees took a day off from their job after using a fake excuse, it has been revealed.

A survey conducted by CareerBuilder revealed that 26 per cent of Britons pulled at least one sickie in 2009, with seven per cent claiming to be ill when they were well on at least three occasions.

Among some of the most unusual excuses managers or HR staff dealing with absence management received were being trapped under a collapsed bed and drinking a “bad beer”.

However, of those who claimed to be unwell, 16 per cent simply did not want to go into work, 13 per cent had a job interview scheduled and 12 per cent wanted to complete household chores or relax.

A further seven per cent admitted they were keen to avoid a client or colleague, while six per cent were attempting to stay away from their boss.

Jason Ferrara, senior career advisor for CareerBuilder, said: “We see more employers today expanding the definition of sick time for workers who need a day off to recharge, so your best bet is to be honest with your boss.”

This week, the Trades Union Congress revealed public sector staff are more likely to work when unwell than their private industry counterparts.

Posted by Ross George