A new survey has revealed that one in five British office workers are unhappy with their current job, while more than one-quarter admitted to being indifferent to their working routine.

Research from recruitment firm Badenoch Clark also indicated that one in four of the 1,000 professionals quizzed would not recommend their employer to a fellow job hunter and one-tenth were working to pay off personal debts.

“Economic uncertainty over the past year has put tremendous pressure on employees,” said Badenoch Clark associate director Heidi Waddington. “It is important that organisations foster an environment where their employees are able to develop a strong sense of self-worth.”

She added that companies which fail to make staff feel more valued risked losing potentially high-achieving individuals to rival companies which make more of an effort to boost morale.

Last week, Diana Bruce of the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals urged bosses to build stronger relationships with workers, particularly where the threat of redundancies or wage freezes linger.

Posted by Ross George