Office Christmas parties starting to wane as attitudes change

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With Christmas creeping up on us once again, thoughts are turning to holidays and, of course, the office Christmas party. However, a new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management has found that fewer companies will be throwing office Christmas parties this year.

A survey of 385 HR professionals found that 30 percent of people claimed their organisations do not usually have an end-of-year holiday party, almost double that of 2012, when the figure stood at 17 percent.

65 percent showed some Christmas spirit and said that their organisation will have a Christmas party, at least for this year.

Perhaps because it is easier logistically, it is the smaller companies that were found most likely to have a party and most (80 percent) said that the 2015 budget was about the same as the 2014 one. Almost half (45 percent) indicated their budget was larger this year. A majority of the parties will be held offsite (67 percent), which is probably a good thing, because every Christmas party should entail a break from the office.

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  1. As this survey is by the Society for Human Resource Management, presume it’s North American? Can’t find any mention of it on their website. But 30% of companies not having any Christmas party doesn’t resonate with what’s happening over here – maybe we Brits are more enthusiastic about celebrating Christmas at work and letting our hair down?

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