Nearly half of businesses failing on HR analytics

Almost half of UK businesses are failing to use valuable insights from analytics in their HR operations, according to a YouGov survey commissioned by MHR Analytics.

The poll of 500 HR leaders found that 44 per cent do not have a main focus on HR analytics – technology that uses ‘people data’ to solve business problems.

Yet those embracing big data are seeing business advantages, with 40 per cent stating they use it for regular operational reporting, 29 per cent using it for financial workforce planning, 23 per cent improving the accuracy and simplicity of reporting, and 14 per cent using it to predict employee retention, compliance and workforce growth.

When asked what was preventing HR teams from delivering analytics, 35 per cent said it was not having the right knowledge or skills within HR. Almost a third (30 per cent) said the biggest barrier was the lack of quality of data currently collected in the business.

Nick Felton, SVP at MHR Analytics, said,

Smart use of big data is now essential for organisations in every sector who are serious about driving growth. With the right tools, quality data can be collected and used to save time and money.

We wanted to research how HR leaders are switching on to the latest analytics technologies. Using the YouGov results, our HR Analytics white paper reveals the current state of analytics within HR and provides practical advice to help organisations use it to reach their strategic goals. We also reveal the main barriers to implementing an HR Analytics strategy and how to overcome them.

Dr Max Blumberg, founder of the people analytics think tank, the Blumberg Partnership, said,

Gaining insights into the performance of the workforce and associated resources enables faster, more accurate decision-making and delivers savings to the bottom line.

The YouGov research conducted by MHR Analytics shows that many UK businesses are failing to equip HR professionals with the analytics tools they need for high quality people and process management. At a time when analytics can play a vital role in managing salaries, payroll and performance measurement, investing in technologies like this can help companies gain the competitive advantage.

MHR Analytics is producing a series of educational videos by Dr Max Blumberg to help HR leaders use people data to make business decisions and create more effective workforce strategies. The videos will be available in the coming months.


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