Alan White has set out to bring a change in the health conditions and the problems faced by men across Europe. In a report published by the European Commission, concerns over increasing numbers of health problems and the factors that lead to it have been discussed to inform most of the health professionals and policy makers.

A study based on men from over 34 countries in Europe points out that most of the men due to common factors like poor lifestyles and work related risk suffer from health problems. These factors however are the kinds that can be prevented and avoided in a big way with the help of a few policies and precautionary measures.

The concerns are biased towards men only because of the increasing number of accidents involving them. Countries like Italy and Germany are the ones reporting a high number of fatal accidents. The industries involved are construction, manufacturing, transport, storage and communication.

Construction and manufacturing play a role in reporting non-fatal accidents as well, which mostly involve men.

The other issue concerning men that was raised was about the reducing numbers of birth rates, which imply that in a couple of decades the number of men working across EU-27 will reduce by a great extent. However, on the bright side they continue to live long.

The study also suggests that such accidents can be prevented with the help of a few policies. Men are prone to such accidents only because unlike women, they tend to ignore their health conditions and neglect health check ups.