Some employers 'look for new job at work'Over half of Britons have looked for a new job while at their current or past place of work, new research has revealed.

According to, 53 per cent of respondents admitted to looking for a new place of employment while they were working, with 73 per cent of these claiming it was because they were bored in their role at that time.

Meanwhile, one in four people said they had told a colleague of their intentions to leave their employer, while 11 per cent said either a manager or co-worker had caught them in the act of looking for a new job.

The biggest motivation for looking for a new role while in the workplace was not having enough time to do so at home, according to 49 per cent of respondents, while one in three said they were unhappy at their current place of work.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of workers said they wanted a higher salary and 42 per cent stated their current position lacked progression and 23 per cent said they hoped looking for work may scare their current employer into giving them a pay rise.

Elsewhere, a recent survey by the Institute of Payroll Professionals revealed six per cent of UK employees claim to be on an income which is “considerably less” than what they deserve.

Posted by Hayley Edwards