The PM has addressed the CBI conferenceThe prime minister has addressed attendees of the ongoing Confederation of British Industry (CBI) conference and told them the government hoped to release the “entrepreneurial, innovative and dynamic” employees.

Gordon Brown stated that his parliament would make five commitments designed to help encourage growth within the economy, including those is the areas of skills and science, transport and planning.

“You know in your own businesses what it takes to create worldwide operations; how important it is to take the opportunities offered by the new digital technologies; to develop infrastructure and governance that works across the world; to reduce deficits through a focus on growth and to attract investment,” he stated.

Mr Brown added that these were also priorities for the government’s business sector.

He concluded that by working together, Britons could help to establish the UK as the centre of the global economy.

Meanwhile, leader of the Conservatives David Cameron is set to tell the conference that, should his party prove successful at the next general election, tackling the UK’s financial deficit is part of the solution to economic growth.


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