Better snow preperation needs to be madeThe Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called for a major conference to take place in order to better prepare for when snow hits the UK, such as has been seen during the recent winter cold snap.

According to the group, small firms will play a key role in tackling adverse weather conditions and is urging the government to host a meeting in order to review its existing contingency plans.

Following weeks of harsh winter weather, the group estimates the snow and ice have cost the economy £600 million a day.

This is due on part to absence management problems, with some staff members unable to make it into work at all, leaving HR workers to attempt to fill the gap they have left.

As a result, the FSB is calling for discussion between local authorities, transport, salt mining companies, schools and the business community to come up with a solution.

John Wright, national chairman of the FSB, said: “Small businesses have shown how resilient and resourceful they are by trying to put in place plans for flexible working and by allowing staff to work from home. It is the small businesses that come to the aid of local communities in difficult times.”

Earlier in the week, FirstCare stated it is “paramount” that employers review and revise their working plans as the cold snap continues.

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