Emerging talent recruiters still struggling to adapt to changing scene

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The scene is changing for graduate recruiters
The scene is changing for graduate recruiters

The challenges facing graduate recruiters struggling to connect with emerging talent has been emphasised by the release of figures suggesting that 10,000 baby boomers leave work for good, every day, in the US. With a similar situation becoming the case in the UK, recruiters are facing an uphill battle to shore up widening skills gaps.

According to the recent research, by McKinsey&Company, by 2020 there will be a global shortage of skilled labour, particularly of college or university-educated workers. This talent-crunch is set to reduce the number of university educated workers needed for the global workforce by 40 million.

“It is going to be crucial for graduate recruiters to work out how to attract the top talent and keep those people engaged,” Charles Hipps, CEO at recruitment company WCN commented.

“Recruiters must do more to connect with emerging talent, if they are to fill skills gaps opening as the older generation starts to leave the workplace As baby boomers start to leave the workforce a generational shift will occur, causing Millennials to become the dominant worker,” Hipps concluded.

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