Cycling makes staff more productive, says expertEmployers could encourage their staff to cycle to work, as one expert has suggested it will make them more productive.

The UK’s biggest sustainable transport charity Sustrans is supporting the government’s Cycle to Work Alliance, which is intended to raise awareness of the benefits of cycling.

Health director Philip Insall said "active commuting" has a range of benefits, including a more productive and healthy workforce.

"Both Sustrans and the British Heart Foundation are working to promote much more cycling because of the benefits to individual health and the money it can save the NHS," he explained.

Research by Scottish Widows recently found that 37 per cent of people admit they do not have enough time to exercise regularly.

Mr Insall mentioned that other positive outcomes of cycling to work include cleaner air, fewer carbon emissions and reduced congestion.

He added that a "strong business voice" for the scheme would help his organisation and others in their support for a better, more active transport policy.

Posted by Hayley Edwards