A flexible working schedule is a popular option for staff

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Flexible working has been at the forefront of discussions in recent weeks and a survey by Online and Remote Meetings Software Company, TeamViewer has revealed the day to day activities of a UK worker when working from home, as well as the wishes of the UK workforce when it comes to flexible working arrangements.

The survey of 1,000 UK office workers discovered that when working from home, 14% often choose to work in the garden, while 13% do their work in bed. Seven per-cent admit to undertaking work whilst cooking, and even 5% continue to work in the bathroom.

Even though the respondents identified some abnormal places to do their work, a number of them admitted routines remain important when working from home with 36% taking tea breaks at the same time and 35% starting work at the same time each day.

The survey also discovered that the idea of flexible working appeals to workers because they want something to make up for the lack of increased wages, with 78% saying they wanted a more flexible work schedule to boost job satisfaction in the absence of pay rises.

Furthermore, 68% of respondents would like to be able to work from home, while 50% would prefer to travel less to work.

General Manager at TeamViewer, Holger Felgner, said:

“The findings show that flexible working policies can satisfy employees seeking a work-life balance.”

Although respondents desire a more flexible work schedule, in reality it is not occurring with only 43% either never or rarely working from home.

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  1. I recently requested to work 8.30am – 4.30 pm so as to avoid the choatic traffic getting into work. At the moment I get in around 8.20am and build up flexi time but would rather work slightly different hours. I was refused by my manager saying she wanted me in the office till 5.00pm despite herself and 1 other member of our department being in till 5 anyway.
    Most of the managers can work from home and often do and some staff with children have changed their hours to suit, so feel this was a fair request to make.
    I am very frustrated at this attitude as I’d rather work varying hours than build up lots of flexi time, take a day off then spend 2 days catching up on everything that’s landed on my desk whilst I’ve been off!

  2. Totally agree Elaine – its the same where I work. One rule for the managers and another for everyone else. So much for equality!!

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