New research finds that the majority of working millenials, especially women, are ready for pastures new in 2019.

New Year, new you, or rather a new job if you’re a millennial, as up to 70 per cent of this age group who are in employment reveal that they are determined to quit their current job and look for pastures new in 2019.

The research by Engaging Works reveals that millennials are more likely to currently feel that they are not doing something worthwhile at work compared to non-millennial employees. This admission contributes to how happy this age group are at work.

Just 29 per cent of millennials are enthusiastic remainers in their current job roles. Millennials also scored the lowest when asked if they feel like they have a good relationship with their line managers.

It’s millennial women who are more determined to leave than their male colleagues and this doesn’t change for female employees aged +35- they are the ones who are reluctant to stick around.

The bottom five industries where employees feel that they are not appropriately rewarded for their work are revealed to be Transportation and Logistics, Public Sector, Construction and Building Materials, Aerospace and Defense, and Telecommunications and Publishing

The data, from over 10,000 global employees since October 2017, also reveals that men rather than women are most likely to be unhappy at work. The happiest sector at work are Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Transportation & Logistics followed by Marketing & Advertising.

Founder of Engaging Works, Lord Price comments on the news,

This time of year is always a time for reflection on just how happy aspects of our lives are. Feeling happy in the workplace is important to be able to achieve the most in your working life and it looks like many millennials will be looking for a new job once the New Year arrives.


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