Men are not satisfied with the amount of annual leave they get, new research has suggested.Men and private sector workers are not happy with their holiday allowance, according to a new study.

IFF Research’s Attitudes to Work report found there is a clear gap between the sexes, as well as between the private and public sectors, when it comes to vacation satisfaction.

Only 44 per cent of men admitted to being very pleased with the amount of annual leave they are granted, compared with nearly two-thirds of women.

Joint-managing director at the research company Jan Shury suggested women may feel more satisfied with their vacation time as more of them work part-time, whereas men tend to have full-time positions.

"Employers looking to reward their staff could choose to extend holiday allowances," he said.

Less than half of the private sector are pleased with their allocation of time off, but more than two-thirds of those in the public sector are "very satisfied", the article also said.

Employment relations organisation the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service recently released the School’s out for Summer! website to remind bosses how to deal with requests for holiday, particularly during the busy months of July and August.

Posted by Ross George