Mandelson may unveil paternity benefitsAs the country prepares for the General Election next month, today (April 12th) will see the Labour party unveil its manifesto with which to pledge its commitment to businesses in the UK.

Among promises expected to be made include the statutory provision of one month of paternity leave, which will be a £50 million state-funded scheme, according to the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, the party is also set to promise not to put up income tax rates, although the same is not the case for VAT.

Speaking to the news provider, business secretary Peter Mandelson said the manifesto is “pro-business”.

According to the Financial Times, Lord Mandelson also “resisted a firm commitment” to extend maternity leave to a year.

In a recent letter to the Daily Telegraph, 23 business leaders publicly voiced support for the recent announcement by shadow chancellor George Osborne that the party would axe a National Insurance increase for those earning less than £45,000.

Posted by Cameron Thomson