Career progression is more important than pay when looking for a new job. That is according to a survey of 500 office support professionals undertaken by Crone Corkill, an Advantage Professional Company.

For just over half of the respondents said career progression is the most important factor, followed closely by 35% whose most important factor is money. A further 12% want a socially responsible employer and only 3% say the job title is key.

Gabrielle Drake, Associate Director at Crone Corkill commented: “Contrary to common belief money is not always the primary motivator when looking for a new job. The poll results show that individuals are more interested in career progression prospects. We are finding that more candidates are attracted to a certain role which is of interest to them, with more responsibility and the opportunity to grow; rather than a role with an attractive pay packet.

“Everyone has a different reason for working as we are all motivated by different things. It is important for you to realise what your motivator is to truly understand what it is you want to achieve in your career. It is also important for businesses to understand what motivates their staff in order to retain existing talent, and have a successful business.”