The issue of bonuses is never without thorns and debates over how much and who gets the money continuously rage. In an attempt to make the process of awarding bonuses more transparent for the, sometimes aghast, general public, the government is to insist, as of next year, that employers include information about bonuses awarded to men and women, in their compulsory gender pay gap reports.

The government intends to force large companies to reveal the difference in pay for male and female employees in not only the private and voluntary sector, but also the public sector too. In the past a large amount of poisonous ire has been heaped on the amount of cash bankers in the City of London get paid as bonuses.

It is hoped that the new measures will mark another step on the road to eradicating gender inequality in the workplace, removing any barriers at all to women’s success in the office.

The government is also planning to eliminate all-male boards in the FTSE 350. Earlier this year, UK organisations achieved Lord Davies’ 25 percent target for women on boards.