Women are 30 percent more likely to be recruited for an interim assignment than men, finds the latest six month snap shot survey of 17,000 interims from Russam GMS.

Women account for only 13 percent of the survey’s respondents; yet almost half of them (47%) are on assignment, compared with 36 percent of men, indicating that they are winning more assignments and outperforming men in interviews.

Jason Atkinson, Managing Director, Russam GMS said:

“Women in interim management are excelling and are winning the most work. There are major opportunities for senior level women in the market and we want to encourage and support more women to consider interim as a career.”

Compared with the permanent employment market, women in interim management are also on a more equal footing in terms of pay. On average they are paid £628 per day, compared with men at £655 whereas in the permanent employment market women are paid 19 percent less [i]than men.

The research also revealed that interims in their 50s are getting the most work, with half of them currently on assignment. Next were interims in their 60s where 31 percent are on assignment, followed by interims in their 40s where eight percent are on assignment.

Interims in their 50s earn the most too, averaging rates of £682 per day. However, they offer  companies value for money compared with a full time employee as they are not paid pensions, holidays, healthcare and other benefits – making interims a cost-effective way to bring senior level skills into a business.

Jason Atkinson said:

“The fact that interims in their 50s and 60s are getting the lion’s share of the work highlights that Interims are recruited for their experience and skills – age and gender don’t influence the hiring process. The best people are recruited for the job and it is all about performance. The industry is progressive and enlightened and arguably one step ahead of the permanent recruitment market.”