Temping will become more common, says ARCThe Association of Recruitment Consultants (ARC) has advised job seekers jockeying for position in the current competitive UK jobs market to consider temping or contract work.

ARC chairman Adrian Marlowe claimed that many school and university leavers still subscribe to the "outdated" idea that permanent employment should be a lifelong goal and insisted that a wide variety of firms are looking for short-term talent.

"The Agency Workers Regulations have now levelled the playing field in terms of equal pay and conditions," he explained. "It must make it more attractive for people to look at agency work."

Mr Marlowe added that the run-up to Christmas could present valuable opportunities to those looking for new roles, but acknowledged the ARC has some reservations that the new legislation could deter firms from hiring temporary staff.

His comments came after research from recruitment agency de Poel revealed 69 per cent of UK companies are expecting to face employee shortages over the festive season.

Posted by Ross George