The Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s (REC) JobsOutlook survey has revealed that employers are feeling optimistic about their hiring process next year.

With 99% of employers planning to either increase or maintain their permanent staff during the following year, the survey suggests that the UK’s job market is set to continue on a trend of “slow growth” during 2013.

The survey of 600 employers also indicates that temporary staff will be needed, with 88% of respondents stating that they plan to maintain or increase the numbers of temporary staff they employ.

REC’s Chief Executive, Kevin Green, said:

“These are encouraging signs for jobs growth in 2013. Based on the feedback from both employers and recruiters it looks like employer confidence is genuinely bouncing back.

“Even though the wider economic outlook may still be uncertain and growth forecasts have been revised downwards, the resilience of this country’s labour market cannot be in doubt.”

Green added:

“The flexibility within our labour market means that we have not been hit with the same difficulties as our European neighbours and we believe that job growth is set to continue in the New Year.”

In addition, the results also show that 88% said they will increase (26%) or maintain (62%) their use of agency workers over the next year.