The REC has stepped up its campaign on the Agency Workers Regulations. In addition to ongoing dialogue with members and employers, the REC recently met with senior officials at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the European Commission to discuss implementation issues.

Commenting on industry priorities in the run-up to the October 2011 implementation date, Tom Hadley, REC Director of External Relations says:

“We are moving forwards in terms of understanding the practicalities of implementing equal treatment measures in the UK. The REC’s in-house legal team is preparing detailed opinions on the priority areas flagged up by members and we will be looking for these ‘hot topics’ to be addressed in the Government’s official guidance. There will also be scope for a more substantial review of current interpretations if the Conservatives win the general election.

“Looking ahead, the industry needs to stay focused and united to ensure that the incoming Government understands and responds to our concerns. Mature leadership is needed – now is not the time for grandstanding gestures or for seeking judicial reviews on peripheral issues.”

Specific focus areas for forthcoming REC legal briefings include the practicalities of calculating the 12 week derogation period and how relationships with umbrella companies will need to change.

As well as continuing the influence the final outcome, the REC will be developing practical supporting tools for members such as standard presentations for clients, training workshops, model contracts and legal briefings.