Private recruitment has been called upon to hire the professionals put out of work in the public sectorThe private recruitment industry will need to take action to make up for the slashes in the public sector, an expert has said.

Kevin Green, chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), noted the role that private recruitment will need to play in the aftermath of the emergency Budget.

"It is clear that the private sector will need to grow jobs as the public sector sheds them," he said, adding that the Budget had allowed a system for this to take place.

He called for greater efficiency within the public sector, suggesting that it take the private sector as an example for being "flexible and adaptable".

There are over 8,000 corporate members of the REC, which claims to be the most major mouthpiece for the recruitment sector.

Its aims within the sector include raising the standards of recruitment and assisting those who are trying to make careers within the industry.

By Colette Paxton