Expert says green industry recruitment is key to boosting support for eco-friendly policyRecruitment of workers for green jobs in the UK is vital in boosting support for environmental policy, according to one expert.

Tony Rooke, head of sustainability and environment at Logica, suggested that such a measure could motivate more people to adopt eco-friendly habits on a daily basis.

He said: "If you know your job is related to the sustainability industry, or that your firm has a key commitment to that, then that actually really raises it up on your mental panorama."

All three main political parties have made election pledges to promote jobs in the sector.

This follows a recent meeting of politicians and leaders of British industry for a "green collar" debate, hosted by eco-friendly energy company Ultra Green.

At the meeting, the firm’s boss Tony Blakely told attendees that the UK needed to increase its renewable resource industry, including utilising landfill to generate power and eliminate any future concerns about shortages.

By Ross George