Lack of females in high-profile roles 'may be down to the media'The media may be having an effect on the number of women who secure high-profile business roles, it has been claimed.

Editor-in-chief of Carla Bevan suggested ladies get "ripped to shreds" by commentators if they are seen to make an error.

"The media today – and this is perhaps talking about more high-profile women rather than in business – doesn't allow them to make mistakes," she said.

In her view, there are several other issues impacting on the number of females' career progression, such as longer working hours and the resulting need for childcare.

Ms Bevan claimed there are still not enough women in important positions in business and this means there are a lack of role models for young people thinking about their prospects for the future.

A recent survey carried out by AOL found that half of young ladies think there are not enough female role models, with Margaret Thatcher coming top of a poll of the most influential women in Britain.