Jobs market could take years to recover, says expertAn expert has warned that the British employment market could suffer for years to come as a result of the government's impending cuts in public spending and suggested public sector contractors will be hit hardest.

Work Foundation associate director Stephen Overell claimed there are likely to be "very serious consequences" for job seekers and businesses alike, with question marks surrounding the private sector's ability to pick up the slack.

"If there is quite a strong growth, then it is possible that the private sector will mop up the jobs," he explained. "If there is not, or if there is any double-dip recession, then it could be very, very serious."

Mr Overell added that it may take between eight and ten years for the jobs market to return to pre-recession levels, provided the performance of private firms picks up.

Professionals concerned about the potential impact of the government's comprehensive spending review may wish to attend the HR in the Public Sector 2010 event at London's Canary Wharf next month.

Posted by Ross George