Commenting on the latest labour market statistics released today by the Office for National Statistics that show overall unemployment is down by 35k on the last quarter and also that the number of people working part-time has increased, the Recruitment and Employment Confederation chief executive, Kevin Green, says:

“It is good news that more people are finding work and it fits with our monthly data that shows employer demand for permanent staff is at an eight-month high.
“The increase in people working part-time is a good thing. Most people working part-time are doing so out of choice. For those seeking full-time work, the alternative to taking a part-time role is to be unemployed and on benefits, not contributing to the economy and not keeping their skills fresh. Taking on a part-time job can be a stepping stone to landing the full-time position they want.

“Part-time work and flexible hours provide a means for many women to return to work after having children. Mothers, carers and men and women who need to fit work around other commitments in their lives are increasingly asking bosses for greater flexibility in their hours. We believe this is going to be a continuing trend in the UK labour market.”