Graduate recruitment is adapting to a new era of social communication

Graduate recruitment is adapting to a new era of social communication

The graduate recruitment sphere faces choppy seas in the near future as internships, apprenticeships and a greater number of university graduates push the arena into a new age.

Delegates at Symposium’s Graduate Recruitment and Development Forum learned today that up to eight percent of those who accept a job, could later turn it down, as many now continue to hunt for the perfect position, even after they have accepted a new job.


This fast moving market means that graduate recruiters have to streamline the application process to ensure that potential candidates do not fall through the gaps.

A recent CIPD survey found that 62 percent of businesses believe that there has been an increase in competition for well qualified candidates.

In order to attract this talent the application process, many speakers at the conference said, has to be streamlined and made more versatile, allowing a young generation obsessed with technology to be able, for example, to apply for jobs on their smart phones.


Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are increasingly important as firms battle for the best talent. “An EVP is the heart of an organisation,” Alison Heron, Global University Relations Director at GSK commented during the conference. “It has to be relevant to your employees and the global location of your office.”

It is increasingly apparent than those in the millennial generation and younger, place the values of the companies they work for and the experience they will gain from employment at a particular company, higher than the salary that is being offered.