Recruitment expert says UK firms will hire againBritish businesses will start hiring again soon, despite the forthcoming cuts in public spending, according to an expert.

The managing director and founder of Lisette Howlett stressed that, with very few firms having taken on staff in recent times and workers starting to consider switching jobs, the knock-on effect will boost the nation’s recruitment activity.

However, she warned those thinking of changing roles that employers are likely to be selective in their choice of candidates, which is likely to make for tougher competition.

A recent survey by the Confederation for British Industry found that freezes on recruitment have dropped by 32 per cent in the last six months.

That said, Ms Howlett feared that a "lost generation" had been created as a result of people trying to secure a job in the height of economic crisis and the possibility of them being overtaken by new candidates with no record on unemployment.

By Cameron Thomson