An expert has advised graduates to consider call centre workAn expert has expressed concern about new graduates' chances of finding work, but claimed that taking on jobs for which they are overqualified may be a good short-term option.

Tanya de Grunwald, founder of employment advice website, pointed out that thousands of those currently working in call centres recently obtained degrees and urged graduate job hunters not to dismiss the idea out of hand.

"If you're looking for a filler job while you look for something better, you could do worse than working in a call centre," she explained. "Employers view all experience as good experience, plus at least you're learning transferable skills."

However, Ms de Grunwald added that an average of 69 people are applying for every new graduate position that becomes available and said the present situation is "clearly very wrong".

Bosses looking for advice on how to attract and encourage top talent should consider attending the Workplace Equality & Diversity Forum 2010 at Canary Wharf in London on November 2nd 2010.

Posted by Hayley Edwards