Asda is recruitingIn an effort to do its bit to help the UK recover from recession and help reduce unemployment levels, supermarket chain Asda has announced it is to create 6,000 new jobs this year.

Furthermore, full time store and depot workers are to receive up to £437.50 in bonuses, after one million more customers used the stores in 2009.

The £26 million bonus pot being handed out to Asda staff this year is 18 per cent higher than it was in 2009, which could help to boost productivity and motivation.

And with ten new store openings planned and a further ten set to be expanded, a programme of recruitment will be providing job prospects to thousands of Britons, it revealed.

Chet Kuchinad, people director at Asda, said: “To announce a record bonus payout and the creation of thousands of new jobs in a challenging economic environment is testament to the successful year that we have had here at Asda.”

The Office for National Statistics recently revealed that in the last quarter of the recession, the number of people finding themselves unemployed rose.