Voluntary workers will need more training, an expert has advisedGovernment plans to transfer public sector responsibility to charitable groups could hit a snag unless more training is provided to boost the expertise of voluntary workers, it has been claimed.

Third Sector Management Solutions director Tina Thompson suggested that the management of charity workforces requires a different approach to those adopted in other areas and called on the coalition to take heed of these new challenges.

"If you can't hang on to your volunteers because you're not properly trained to support them, then that can be a real issue," she said. "Somebody needs to have the resources to be able to provide the right sort of training."

Ms Thompson emphasised the importance of keeping unpaid third sector volunteers motivated and warned that hiring unmotivated individuals could have a detrimental effect to the wider organisation.

Her comments came after the Cabinet Office reiterated its intention to reduce the amount of red tape and bureaucracy restricting British charities.