Interns 'need motivation'In order to maintain a good internship, both parties need to be clear up front in why they are doing it and what their individual objectives are, one sector commentator has claimed.

Lisette Howlett, spokesperson for, said that interns frequently expect to come to a workplace and carry out research to go towards their degree course.

However, she added that often employers are unaware that interns will need a lot of time and resources in order to do this.

“For internships to work they need to be mutually beneficial – students take perhaps a lower than market salary in exchange for the opportunity to learn, employers get qualified students to undertake work and projects at a competitive rate,” Ms Howlett explained.

However, if interns were positioned by employers just as a source of flexible or cheap labour, employers will find themselves with a needy temporary worker who lacks motivation, she claimed.

Her comments come after the National Work Experience Awards have taken place, with TUI Travel winning the Best Work Experience Provider category.

Posted by Colette Paxton