Interns should not be misusedBusinesses considering hiring interns as part of a talent management scheme have been warned to ensure they are not misusing them.

Chris Morrall, director of Talent Transitions, said that while the business sector did not want to deal with too much red tape, it was still important to ensure that interns were employed responsible.

His comments come after BBC News interviewed Jonathan Black, director of the careers service at Oxford University, who claimed companies were playing on “fear, uncertainty and doubt”.

He added that some careers services have been found to charge up to £1,000 simply to produce an introductory letter for students, despite the fact that careers advisors could organise an internship for free.

While Mr Morrall noted that interns should not be misused, he added that additional red tape was not what was needed.

“Some small organisations take in interns now. If you put too many blocks in the way of people employing people they won’t bother because it’s just too difficult,” he explained.