volunteering at work boosts morale

Businesses which encourage staff to donate to charity and volunteer their time enjoy the added bonus of a boost in employee morale, new research has found.

The Charities Aid Foundation survey asked people about their employers’ attitudes towards supporting good causes and found that 57 per cent of respondents agreed that this helps improves morale in the workplace.

The polling found that 50 per cent of respondents thought that all businesses had a responsibility to support charities, while 49 per cent thought that employers should give staff time off each year to volunteer for a good cause – a growing trend among employers.

Forty-eight percent (48 per cent) of respondents agreed that businesses and organisations that support charities and good causes make for better employers.

Both recruitment consultancies and the British Chambers of Commerce have reported that businesses in the UK are facing increased staff turnover and are struggling to recruit new staff.

Susan Pinkney, Head of Research at CAF said,

This research shows that supporting charities is a great way to improve morale in the workplace. Not only does it help businesses and organisations to retain their existing workforce, but showing support for charities helps employers attract new talent.

If employers can also offer potential and existing employees the chance to volunteer for a good cause it would appear to be a win-win for all involved.

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