Migrant worker cap could be detrimental, says RECThe Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) has suggested the proposed cap on non-European Union (EU) workers could prove detrimental to the UK's economy.

Director of policy and professional services at the organisation Tom Hadley noted that it could cut off areas of the "global talent pool" if the country implements the restriction.

"While we all realise the need for some level of control, we need to find the right balance between reducing net figures and securing Britain's fragile economic recovery," he said.

Mr Hadley accepted the British workforce must be upskilled to handle many of the positions available in the country, but suggested this cannot be done overnight.

The REC representative also noted the proposed cap on non-EU workers is a very sensitive issue politically.

Speaking to Newsnight on BBC 2, government minister Damian Green said the aim is to cut immigration by tens of thousands and the state intends to explore different avenues to achieve this.

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