The Met has been accused of discriminationA black detective has accused the Metropolitan police of racial discrimination, alleging that his superior treated him as "something repugnant on the soles of her feet", it is reported.

Detective sergeant Gareth Reid, 45, has claimed that he was humiliated by his manager after she learnt that he was once a member of the Black Police Association, the Telegraph reports.

He has accused Detective Inspector Allison Funnell of valuing him less than his white colleagues and looking for motives with which to demote him.

In addition, Mr Reid has stated that he was victimised due to the work he carries out with black police officers.

Speaking at an employment tribunal in Croydon, he said: "At every stage DI Funnell undermined and discriminated against me because I was a highly competent, ambitious black officer."

He added that his superior had "never missed an opportunity" to attempt to belittle him.

The Met is "vigorously defending the claim", according to the Telegraph.

In 2002, Neil Acourt and David Norris – two former suspects in the 1993 murder of teenager Stephen Lawrence – were jailed for 18 months after being found guilty of the racially aggravated intentional harassment of Mr Reid.

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