A lecturer has won an employment tribunalA male university lecturer has won a sex discrimination case after telling an employment tribunal he had been turned down for a job due to a previous case.

Psychologist David Gilbert stated that he had not been given the job at the University of Surrey as in 2000, he had resigned from the University of Hertfordshire after claiming the institution had mishandled complaints from female students about him, the Times Higher Education reports.

A later employment tribunal found that while he had not been the subject of sex discrimination, he had been unfairly dismissed from his post.

Mr Gilbert did not work following the case but was encouraged to apply for a job at Surrey by Jane Ogden, head of psychology at the university, in 2007.

Following this, a HR worker examined the previous employment tribunal and briefed Ms Ogden that Mr Gilbert had chosen a "legalistic route" to tackle the issue at his former place of work, the news resource continues.

Subsequently, Mr Gilbert was turned down for the job.

The employment tribunal heard that no notes had been taken during the interview.

The University of Surrey had now agreed to pay Mr Gilbert £18,000.

Meanwhile, Haley Tansey, a former manager at HBOS, is suing the bank, claiming she was forced out by the "laddish culture" of her colleagues.