An expert has suggested that workers and firms need greater protectionAn expert has advised that workers and companies alike should be shielded against the greater potential for mistakes likely to arise from the current economic malaise.

Recruitment Society chairman Steve Huxham warned that the threat of employee negligence – whether deliberate or inadvertent – poses a greater risk to British businesses than ever before and emphasised the importance of introducing safeguards.

"You have to be even more careful that there isn't pressure or that the pressure doesn't lead individuals or companies to do things that they shouldn't," he said. "It is definitely a time to be more cautious."

Mr Huxham added that UK society has become "increasingly litigious" and urged employers to ensure comprehensive audit trails are in place to protect themselves against the repercussions of individuals' criminal activity.

Bosses looking at new ways to boost the morale of their workforce may wish to attend the forthcoming Employee Wellbeing Forum 2010, which takes place in London in October.

Posted by Colette Paxton