General Election 2015The Conservative party has the strongest policies on employment in the lead up to the 2015 general election, according to a survey by Maple Resourcing.


The building services recruitment company’s online survey of 104 people from the construction, rail and engineering industry, revealed that the policies respondents felt would help maintain a strong employment market include: increasing the minimum wage, creating more apprenticeships and continuing to offer support for businesses to grow.

Policy Respondent %
Reducing immigration 27.30%
Increasing minimum wage 38.60%
Creating more apprenticeships 36.40%
Cutting taxes 9.10%
Support for businesses 34.10%

chart 2Of those who responded, 88.6 percent said they would be voting, 2.3 percent said they would not vote and 9.3 percent were not sure at this time. The highest respondents who answered “Yes”, were those aged between 30-49 years (56.82%), followed by those aged over 50 years (15.91%).

Gender % of respondents
Male 72.73%
Female 27.27%


Age % of respondents
Under 18 4.5%
18-29 15.9%
30-39 27.3%
40-49 31.8%
50 plus 20.5%

A month out from voting on 7th May, the opinion polls reveal that the two main parties are currently tied but within this demographic the Tories are clearly in the lead.

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Graphs and data sourced from Maple Resourcing

Title image courtesy of DFID – UK Department for International Development via Wikimedia Commons