Employees still have not been given a return date for the office

Just under a fifth of workers have not been given a date for when they should return to the office.

This was discovered by Moneypenny, the outsourced communications provider, that 18 per cent of employees have been given no indication of when they will start working at the office again. A minority (5 per cent) said they have been told they will not be back in the office until January 2021.

However, nearly half (45 per cent) of workers said they have already returned to the office. The North East and East Midlands, are the two areas of the UK which have seen the most staff return to their workplace. On the other hand, the East of England and Scotland have the highest amount of workers who have not returned to the office yet.

A quarter of employees in Yorkshire have said they are not comfortable about the idea of returning to the office. Only 15 per cent of those who work in Yorkshire have said workplaces have made face masks compulsory in the office.

There seems to be a split between people wanting to wear a face mask at work and those who think it will be hard to work all day with a face mask on. As 37 per cent said they have no problem wearing a face mask at work and 36 per cent state they would not be able to wear one all day.

In Leicester, 58 per cent of workers have said their offices have made it compulsory to wear a face mask, with 40 per cent of employees saying this in London.

Northern Ireland is the most relaxed part of the UK when it comes to returning to the office, with 47 per cent saying they are happy to return.

Two-thirds (66 per cent) said they do not wish to commute to work so they will be driving there themselves. In Manchester, only 7 per cent said they would be using public transport to get to work.

Despite the number of those workers who have returned to the office, 48 per cent stated they do have some COVID-19 concerns regarding a return to the office.

Moneypenny asked the opinion of 1,000 UK workers to obtain these results.