Women working harder for career progression, according to equality and diveristy expertWomen in the UK are still struggling to be seen as valuable in the workplace, according to one expert.

Toni Eastwood, training director at everywoman, indicated that female candidates and employees are having to “work extra hard” to secure senior roles with British companies.

She noted that in most cases, women looking for top jobs or promotions are needing to show “gritty determination to prove their worth” in their professions, at a time when equality and diversity have been in the spotlight.

A recent study by Duke University revealed that those who do secure senior positions are given credit for their own success and are perceived as better leaders.

Furthermore, it found that women may be viewed differently as they embark on career progression, but Ms Eastwood is advising workers harbouring ambition to move up the corporate ladder to be themselves and to celebrate their feminism.

“Having this diversity at senior and board levels has proved time and time again to reap bottom line business benefits,” she added.

By Colette Paxton