Diversity and equality may have suffered because of the recessionCompanies cutting back and becoming less flexible during the recession has been bad for women trying to make their views heard.

According to India Gary-Martin, president of the City Women’s Network, diversity and equality has been negatively affected by the recent tough economic climate because firms are asking more of their employees.

Female talent is therefore pushed to balance a greater workload along with more responsibilities at home, such as child care, in order to match up to their male equivalents and get ahead with their career, the expert said.

"Initiatives to increase the number of women on boards are less attractive to companies whilst fighting through in a recession. The immediacy of commercial issues are often cited as the reasons," Ms Gary-Martin explained.

However, company boards could see more women on them judging by recent figures from a Confederation of British Industry and PricewaterhouseCoopers report, which showed that businesses are starting to boost their workforces this year.

Posted by Cameron Thomson