Employers can be reluctant to hire over-50s, it has been claimedMiddle-aged workers are still faced with significant ageism from prospective employers, but UK firms could stand to benefit from their experience and work ethic, according to an expert.

Saga Magazine editor-at-large Emma Soames claimed some companies are still reluctant to employ over-50s and questioned whether the government's decision to scrap the default retirement age will do much to rectify the situation.

"The over-50s make brilliant employees; they are so reliable, they don't clock watch and they turn up on time without hangovers and they are a very good stabilising influence," she explained.

Ms Soames warned that older job-seekers are faced with a "very strong" degree of age discrimination and admitted the struggle to find work can be "very depressing" for some people.

Entrepreneurs looking for advice on how to implement the provisions of the Equality Act and address age-related prejudice should consider attending the Workplace Equality and Diversity Forum at London's Canary Wharf in November.

Posted by Cameron Thomson