Can Christmas cause feelings of discrimination?Non-Christian employees may indirectly be suffering from religious discrimination when UK workplaces close their doors for the Christmas period, it has been claimed.

According to the Employers Forum on Belief, this is because such workers typically have to use their own annual holiday allowance if they wish to be off work for the events or holidays their religion celebrates the Telegraph reports.

This may lead to a build-up of feelings of resentment in the workplace, the forum warned.

It went on to recommends that employers speak with such staff and tell them it is financially sensible to close down the office from the end of December until the beginning of the new year.

A guide from the group cited by the Telegraph reads: “An extended Christmas closedown may therefore indirectly discriminate on the ground of religion or belief so employers should be clear as to the reasons why it is necessary which might include cost savings where the majority of staff will want to take holiday and costs can be saved by closing down completely.”

And the group also advised hanging up seasonal decorations to brighten up the workplace, rather than those with a specific Christmas theme.

Meanwhile, Lisa Aziz, an Asian newsreader for ITV, is suing the channel for racial, sexual and age discrimination.