Women in the workplace don’t need to be loud to get their voices heard and should instead focus on how they articulate their views, says Futurestep.

The comment follows the news that twenty-two of the largest multinational companies in Europe have increased the proportion of women in leadership roles faster than their share in the companies’ total workforce since 2012 as reported by the Financial Times this week.

Samantha Wallace, market leader, technology practice at Futurestep, said:

“Diversity is an increasingly important aspect for businesses that want to succeed. Over the 18 years that I have worked in the search business, I have seen how women can impact leadership teams and add different characteristics and qualities in male dominated industries. Where there is a talent shortage of females to fill senior roles, particularly in technology, companies are becoming increasingly deliberate about the diversity of their talent pool and subsequently their corporate DNA. We are regularly asked to help identify and recruit top performing women who possess the skills and qualities to grow into increasingly senior leadership positions.”

The companies, including Nestlé, Siemens and Bayer, are members of the European Round Table of Industrialists. 32 of the 53 members released targets for greater gender diversity on Tuesday, suggesting significant progress for women in leadership.

Wallace added:

“During my career, which spans across the UK, Canada and the US, I have seen first-hand how it can, at times, be difficult for women to be heard in male dominated environments. I have learnt that you do not need to be loud to get your voice heard, what is important is how you handle the situation and articulate your views going forward.

“My main piece of advice for women is to remain true to yourself and authentic to your characteristics. Trying to “fit” can make you blend in whereas your authentic voice can change the conversation. Nothing will simply be handed to you, if you want to change things; it is up to you to make it happen.”