Two Beefeaters have been firedIn a follow-up to early news detailing an ongoing investigation into gender discrimination and harassment among employees at the Tower of London, two Beefeaters have been fired, it has been widely reported.

The case centred on the first Yeoman Warder at the Tower Moira Cameron, who alleged that she had been the victim of a bullying campaign orchestrated by her male colleagues.

Mark Sanders-Crook and Bob Brown have now lost their positions at the Tower after being found guilty of harassing their female colleague.

It is believed that during the campaign, Ms Cameron’s uniform was defaced and abusive notes were left in her locker, while it was also reported that her Wikipedia entry was altered.

However, Mr Sanders-Crook’s mother Maureen claimed that the only thing her son had done was to not talk to Ms Cameron outside working hours.

Ms Cameron, from Argyll, in Scotland, became the first female Beefeater in the summer of 2007, after serving in the armed forces for 22 years.