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When it comes to the relationship between happiness and productivity in the workplace, we’ve still got a lot to learn.

According to Gallup-Healthways Health Index, unhappiness amongst workers is costing the US economy an incredible $300 billion per year through loss of productivity. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review, revealed that the happiness of workers has a direct and profound effect on their commitment, creativity and collegiality in the workplace.

But what causes happiness amongst employees? And is it something that can be increased by employers?

As well as a healthy family life and financial stability, a healthy lifestyle is one of the leading factors contributing to an individual’s happiness. If you can implement a corporate fitness programme to improve employee’s health, chances are that you can increase overall productivity levels within your organisation.

How to get your employees moving during the working day?

Introduce flexible working – Getting to the gym or making the time for a daily jog is not easy when you have work and a hectic family life to juggle. Granting exercise hours to your employees on certain days could free up precious time for other activities.

Start an exercise club – Motivation is key when it comes to getting fit. Making exercise a social event between work colleagues could give your employees the motivation and support they need to get fit.

Create an exercise space – What better way to encourage your employees to get fit than by creating a permanent exercise space, feet from your employees’ desks, for the perfect place to exercise at lunch time.

Use fitness trackers – Fitbug has created a unique fitness tracker which uses activity and dietary behaviours, as well as the information individual users input, to create personal health and fitness programmes. This allows you to monitoring the wellness of your entire organisation, whilst giving your staff the knowledge and support to improve their lifestyles.

How to get your employees eating healthily?

Eating a nutritious, well balanced diet is crucial to the overall health of your workforce. A couple examples of schemes you can implement in your workplace to promote healthy eating could include:

● Sharing healthy recipe ideas via email and weekly newsletters.
● Securing staff discounts from local health food stores.
● Using fitness apps as a method to support each other’s progress.
● Serving healthy, well balanced meals in staff canteens.

What benefits does a healthy workforce bring to a business?

A recent study at Warwick University showed that healthier workers are happier workers- making them more productive. But the benefits of a healthy workforce don’t start and end with increased productivity, they also include:

  • Improved staff morale
  • Improved engagement from employees
  • Fewer accidents and instances of ill-health
  • Reduced sick pay costs
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Reduced pressure on employees to cover absent colleagues

Healthy staff can create a healthy bottom line, which is why you should look upon health and wellness within your organisation as an opportunity – not a cost to be avoided.

According to Quantum Workplace, employers are 14 percent more engaged with their work when they are fit and rested, and 10 percent more engaged when they’re eating a well-balanced diet. This is evidence that the health of your employees is directly linked to the health of your bottom line