2019 has not seen much of a change with how prepared HR departments are towards the future of work

The results from yesterdays (4th July) The future of work Part II: Technology and the new world of work webinar showed that a year on from 2018 not much has changed with the live poll stating that the majority of companies are still ‘getting there’ when asked how prepared their HR department is for the future of work.

Last year, 58 per cent of people polled said their HR department were getting there in relation to the future of work, with this year saying 56 per cent of departments are getting there.

Richard Doherty, senior director product marketing EMEA at Workday was not surprised by the results. As organisational agility is constantly changing and updating making it  hard to get ahead of the curve.

However, he believes that next year, there will be a shift towards companies that consider themselves to be ‘well prepared’ from we are ‘getting there’.

Organisational agility is enabling rapid effective response  to changes in the market. To give examples of organisational agility taking place in businesses, Mr Doherty informed us what International Business Machines (IBM) recently said.

IBM on organisational agility said:

50 per cent of 2018 revenue was attributable to skills that did not exist five years ago.

Jeremy Lief, a partner at PwC said:

Organisational agility is not just relevant to HR but CEOs as well. It is a business problem not just a HR problem.

Mr Doherty went on to say that at workday every Friday the HR department send around two questions to the office and use the feedback from those questions to implement changes and improvements.

Mckinsey, the worldwide management consulting firm, discovered that 80 per cent of businesses wish to invest in digital transformation, but only 16 per cent succeeded. Mr Doherty puts this huge gap down to organisational agility.

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